healthy treats
Our motto is

"Healthy and Tasty"

We are Bulgarian company, a team of mates that are united by common interest in natural and tasty food and the healthy life style.

We strive to create non-traditional products, to combine various tastes and make delights for the palate and eyes thus passing our philosophy.

Our motto is „Healthy and Tasty“.

Raw production

Our advantages

  • Raw production
  • No heat treatment
  • No added sugar
  • Preservative free
  • From purely natural ingredients – no fruit puree or powder but real fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Dairy free
  • Fills you
  • Gluten free
  • Healthy energy supplement
The beginning


In the beginning we had a vision to produce healthy fruit bonbons from purely natural ingredients, which not only supply energy quickly during increased activity but will also supply body with required amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. We have decided that we will use only the best quality ingredients and maximum care to give our bonbons functional benefits but also unique taste.

It had taken one year before we managed to put together tasty recipes and later make the first bonbon. Under brand Tru Fuel – Tropic and Mediterraneo, we introduced 6 different bonbons on market, which later developed in variant with natural chocolate coating – Signora Fellini series.

At present we produce 10000 bonbons daily, as our capacity increases, because we never stop to modernize our production base.



Healthy treats bonbons from the series Tru Fuel and Signora Fellini are healthy fruit Raw bonbons made from purely natural ingredients without any heat treatment. They are made with real fruits not fruit puree or powder. They do not contain gluten, added sugar or preservatives. Raw bonbons are an ideal snack to increase your energy levels needed for sports and travelling. In our recipes we use different nuts and seeds. All of them rich in minerals, amino acids and fats: magnesium, selenium, zinc, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Epidemiological studies show that people who consume raw seeds and nuts regularly suffer significantly less from heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases.

Tru Fuel


Tru Fuel is a range of healthy fruit bonbons that are produced without any heat treatment and consist of purely natural ingredients. Tru Fuel raw energy bonbons not only fill you up and restore energy quickly, but you will also enjoy their extraordinary taste.  The bonbons contain no gluten, added sugar or preservatives and are made for people who care about the origin of the food they consume as well as for those who care about healthy diet and for people on the go who just need to boost energy when feeling tired.

We expanded Healthy treats portfolio and introduced new date products with the already well-known benefits: vegan, no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free and lactose free. But added a pinch of “luxury” – we coated them with natural chocolate without sugar. In this way we created Signora Fellini series – raw bonbons with the same benefits of Tru Fuel – vegan, no added sugar or preservatives, gluten and lactose free, but with an extra – natural dark chocolate, which gives all chocolate lovers the chance to enjoy a healthy treat without feeling guilty about it! The chocolate we use for coating the bonbons is completely natural, no sugar added, with 70% cocoa mass.

All you really need to make energy bonbons is good, whole ingredients. The raw energy bonbons get pretty filling pretty quickly (because of the nuts and their fiber), but even if you do scoff a few too many you don’t need to feel particularly bad about it. So, the next time you need a quick pick-me-up for any reason – reach for your Healthy treats raw energy bonbons. You know exactly what’s in them! Raw Energy Bonbons, just the way they should be. No unnecessary added junk, just good, whole ingredients – fruits, nuts and seeds mixed to achieve an awesome taste and burst of energy.

Tru Fuel and Signora Fellini bonbons provide fast supply of healthy energy for all active people as well as people with health limitations or those on alternative diets. Our bonbons are suitable for vegans, vegetarians as well as celiac people.

At Interfood &Drinks 2019 Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria, Healthy treats Ltd was awarded with two gold medals with diploma for quality and original marketed products for both – Tru Fuel and Signora Fellini series.



We continue to work on maintaining the best quality of our products. We invest into the modernization of our production machinery, we cooperate with the raw material suppliers, and carefully monitor all incoming raw materials as well as all produced bonbons. We use only minimally processed raw materials of the top quality, some of which we import directly from producers all over the world. Our bonbons are raw, made with real fruits only, no fruit puree or powder, not heat processed, and we use only a minimum number of ingredients. Quality of our ingredients is the top priority for us. We believe that the good quality ingredients make good taste. The packaging and materials used for packaging are completely in accordance with all requirements and are food safe certified. Packed like this, all our bonbons are protected against environment and sunlight so they can keep their quality and taste characteristics longer.